Heavenly Mission Church was established in 2015.It was established on sincere biblical truths. God gave us our assignment / Mission; “to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world so that men and women shall be saved, and lead them into a growing,personal, intimate relationship with Jesus, so that they may become disciples”!It was established and planted as a non- denomination Church, which preaches and teaches true “Holiness”!

We started in Kasokoso. My wife Shamim, several congregants,and I, had a few worship services and bible studies in 2015. In 2019 the Lord spoke to us to shift to Bweyogerere trading center where we are currently renting in a hall. As we grew The Lord blessed us to birth out/ start several ministries, both in the church and in the community.

During our tenure we have birthed out something for the entire family, and individually. We have, the sky is youth program, men’s ministry, evangelism and others. These outreach ministry consist of; mentor ship, family / community events, and building relationships with both students and families. We also have established a jail ministry. This consist of praying with and for the inmates, bible study, one on one visits, support groups/ classes, advocating,and some re-entry.

We are a Church that truly agrees with and does what Matthew 28:19,20 says. We know that a lot of Gods work is done in the church building, but a lot is definitely done beyond those four walls!

Heavenly Mission Church was established on strong biblical principles, Holiness, Gods word& Love and will remain as such. We truly are a Church where everybody is somebody, and Jesus Christ is Lord& Savior! We love The Lord and his people.